Saturday, October 13, 2007

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

I find it funny that after a whole year (and then some) that I have yet to share some of my favorite things in Paris.

Here they are, in random order...

Enjoy a brief tour through my eyes! :)

Breakfast in America
My favorite spot in Paris for homesick days...nothing that a pint of Stella, plate of Nachos and fun friendly American wait staff can't cure!

San Francisco Books
This is where I buy and sell all of my English books.

UGC Cinemas and my unlimited movie pass for 18 euros a month!!

L'As du Falafel

Totally old article but informative since there is no official website. Usually there is a long wait, but totally worth it. Plus, the awesome sandwich only puts you back 4.5 euros. YUM!

Pierre Herme

My favorite place for sweets and treats. DELICIOUS!

Jardin des Plantes (Garden of Plants) and specifically the ZOO
The site's in French but you'll get the idea...The primate exhibit is AWESOME and it's a 5 minute walk from home.

Frog Pub

A perfect spot, with free Wifi and GREAT homemade beers.


**** List in progress ****

Gotta run :)

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Emily said...

Those are wonderful! I really like the unlimited movie pass.