Sunday, January 20, 2008

Podcast crazy!

So, I admit it...I think I'm addicted to podcasts. Literally. I am obsessed.

I go on iTunes daily to get my fix and am currently subscribed to TWELVE!

ABC News
Anderson Cooper's 360
Best of YouTube
Comedy Central Stand-Up
The Hollywood Podcast
Katia and KylieMac
MTV News Daily Podcasts
National Geographic Video Shorts
Meet the Press
This American Life
VH1 Best Week Ever
VH1 Celebreality

It's a little bit out of control but I love being able to stay connected to U.S. news and some of my favorite shows and issues.

My newest discovery is the katia and kyliemac podcast which is created by two women (an Australian and American) living in Paris. Their stories are hilarious and they offer tips of things to do and places to go in Paris. I love their perspective and their stories about an Anglo person's wild experiences in the City of Lights. While I only discovered this podcast last week, I've already downloaded all 110 episodes and have listened to 18 of the half-hour episodes. Lovin' it! For anyone who would like to hear of crazy Parisian adventures from a perspective similar to my own, I recommend you check it out!! I personally will be listening to several episodes today along with some other podcasts in an attempt to clear a bit off my hard drive. I'm a fiend! :)

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