Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Check me out!

Although you wouldn't know by looking at it, I DO check my own blog almost every day. I'm not saying that I post - clearly - but just a quick once-over to see how it's looking.

I checked the stats today and was blown away to find that I had literally more than quadruple the number of hits I get on a normal day. What had happened? Did I become suddenly and unknowingly FAMOUS overnight?

Well, in a way YES! I am happy to say that one of the photos on my blog has been posted and mentioned on one of my FAVORITE websites:! And, I've also noticed that some of my new Anglophone girls have posts up there too! Congrats ladies!

Check it out....totally fun! And thanks to Laurie for showing the love - of course you can steal my photos anytime! That's what they are there for!


Pink Peony said...

I have the link to your blog up on mine. :)

*britt* said...

me too!

misplaced texan said...

It's funny how I found so many blogs and bloggers through The Paris Blog and now it feels strange (but great) to be a part of it. Congrats...that photo is pretty gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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