Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Sounds

First of all, here's a video of a song I used to listen to YEARS ago, long before I came to France. It's awfully silly and can be somewhat annoying at times, BUT I'm so proud because now I know ALL of the words. I used to just hum along and sing to the chorus because I didn't understand the whole thing. As most of the lyrics are slang or really familiar words, it took living here for me to understand it. I had a big smile on my face last week when it came back up on shuffle on my iPod after years of not hearing it. Enjoy - and see which words you can pick out! :)

Now for some serious music - I heard this one last week for the first time and thought it was so pretty. Here we go....

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Steve said...

I have to say that even being French, I cannot fully understand the lyrics Coeur de Pirate is singing (2nd video). Maybe it is because she's French Canadian? It's a great song anyhow, and she is an absolute cutie.
As for Michael Youn (1st video), if you can understand it all, you're definitely fully french slang fluent :)