Sunday, February 18, 2007

"I bought a ticket to the world...."

"....and now I've come back again!"

I miss Boardwalk 11 and karaoke soooo much.

It's nearly been five months since I moved here and I still have yet to meet a karaoke partner.


Trop malade!

Just when I thought I was getting better, I am awakened this morning with MORE of the heinous flu-like symptoms I have been battling for now nearly a week. I have pretty much exhausted the last hangers-on from my American "pharmacy" and now have only one packet of TheraFlu left. What I wouldn't give for some NyQuil....

In the meantime, I have been holed up in the aparment doing a whole lot of nothing. However, I am venturing out every so often to use my shiny new UNLIMITED MOVIE PASS! What an awesome idea- for the price of less than three movies a month, I can go as much as I want!

I've recently seen:

Blood Diamond
The Holidays
Pursuit of HappyNess
The Last King of Scotland

I may go out again today to see either the Good German or the Hannibal Lecter flick (which may be too scary for me! Haha!) The weather is beyond gorgeous- I am so disappointed to be stuck inside!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Only on Al-Jazeera

101 East: An HOUR of televised broadcasts regarding American servicemen and their reputation overseas. Does the justice of another nation apply to an American servicemember while serving overseas? LOVE it.

Seeing as how I have only about 3-4 TV channels in English, and that sometimes I just don't feel like concentrating/don't want to work in French, I have developed an unhealthy obsession with Al-Jazeera English...sooo different from the news I'm used to from the U.S. and seriously has the greatest selection of topics....

Don't worry, I'm already convinced that my FBI file is so large that it will have to be delivered on a truck. I'm not scared. :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm Johnny Knoxville, and this is Versailles.

I had a friend in town last week and had the most amazing time. Although much of the week itself was hilarious, perhaps the best time was the day trip we took to the Versailles castle. It was cold, rainy, and a bit dismal when we arrived....but we had no idea how fun it would be....

We first took a tour of the castle, which was so immense and gorgeous that I can't even describe it. Beautiful!

Anyway, after our tour, we went outside to look at the grounds, which went on and on forever. There was a little shack just outside the castle advertising golf cart rentals for 28euros an hour. We wondered if it was worth it, shrugged, and decided to go for it. What ensued was literally probably the funniest thing that has happened since I have been in Paris. There were a ton of potholes so my friend insisted on hitting them ALL at our highest speed. We were out of control and the shenanigans made me laugh so hard. For those of you who are Jackass fans, the afternoon was straight out of a Jackass episode. Seriously.

I highly recommend the golf cart rentals to all who may be going to Versailles. SO worth it.