Saturday, October 13, 2007

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...

I find it funny that after a whole year (and then some) that I have yet to share some of my favorite things in Paris.

Here they are, in random order...

Enjoy a brief tour through my eyes! :)

Breakfast in America
My favorite spot in Paris for homesick days...nothing that a pint of Stella, plate of Nachos and fun friendly American wait staff can't cure!

San Francisco Books
This is where I buy and sell all of my English books.

UGC Cinemas and my unlimited movie pass for 18 euros a month!!

L'As du Falafel

Totally old article but informative since there is no official website. Usually there is a long wait, but totally worth it. Plus, the awesome sandwich only puts you back 4.5 euros. YUM!

Pierre Herme

My favorite place for sweets and treats. DELICIOUS!

Jardin des Plantes (Garden of Plants) and specifically the ZOO
The site's in French but you'll get the idea...The primate exhibit is AWESOME and it's a 5 minute walk from home.

Frog Pub

A perfect spot, with free Wifi and GREAT homemade beers.


**** List in progress ****

Gotta run :)


Well, after finding out some bad news yesterday I am a bit crazy today....for a year now I have been living under the assumption that my end of school thesis and report on my internship (memoire et rapport du stage) are due at the end of December. So, I have been very lazy about it knowing that come Halloween I will be unemployed with plenty of time to research, read, write and be a good student.

I got back to my desk from lunch yesterday and opened the email that will change my life for the next month or read somewhat like this...(in French of course)

"Dear students, Please be advised that your complete projects are due at school no later than COB November 26th!"


So, a few freakouts later, I am on track, albeit a bit frantic. However, I went to the library today planning to work and research a little bit only to discover that you have to PAY to use the library in Paris. WHAT AGAIN? Thirty-five euros for a year-long card, knowing I may very well be kicked out of the country in a few months?? No thank you. So I left.

Now, of course, knowing me, I will be back there tomorrow, 35 euros in hand, ready to pay for the card as the convenience of the library and allure of "free" research is a big deal.....but for now I am wallowing in my disbelief and annoyance and enjoying the pint of beer and free WiFi in the British pub next door. :)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'm still alive...

....but a HORRIBLE blogger.

Life lately has consisted pretty much of the following :

* Riding the bus, the train, the bus again and walking to and from work...
* Being a happy homemaker in my spare time...
* Looking FAR AND WIDE for a job in Paris (my internship ends October 31 and the clock is ticking)...
* Stressing out, sometimes to the point of tears (see above)...
* Seeing movies with my UGC Carte Illimite (PERFECT for a student with dwindling 18 euros a month I could ever spend!)...
* Missing the U.S. a little bit...anyone want to FedEx me some good Mexican food? Some magazines? Some books? Some friends? ;)

I will do my best to be better at updating (if anyone is still reading) and will definitely have TONS of time after Halloween when I am officially unemployed.