Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back in Paris

Well, after a crazy, hectic few weeks all over the U.S., I am back in Paris today and I feel so strange, to be honest...

For the first time, I kind of feel like a visitor in BOTH I was not fitting in the way I used to in the U.S. but I do not feel 100% at home here in Paris.

Some of the things I LOVED about the U.S.:
The freedom of my car
Seeing the ocean
Space to spread out
Customer service!!!! (This was huge)
Not being pushed (haha!)

Some of the things I MISSED about Paris:
The scenery
My "routine"
Being complimented on my language skills (haha!)
My balcony

I could go on and on but I know that while I am happy to be back I also am missing L.A. in ways that I don't think I have before...maybe it's because I've never been away for this long?

My cousin's wedding and grandpa's birthday were both SO much to follow once I get over this jet lag. :) It's back to work tomorrow!