Saturday, January 05, 2008



As usual, I have been reflecting on the year past and the year ahead and have come up with a few resolutions for 2008. By writing them here, I am hoping to be more accountable and will be able to look back here during the year to check on my progress.

So, here goes!

* Travel more around France and outside of France (Normandie, Reims, Lyon, Dijon, Marseille, Rome, Berlin, Prague, are among those already on the list)
* Way more exercise - no excuses! I have no car and just my feet to get me around...
* Try the Paris velib bike rental service
* Learn a LOT at work (HTML, other web design, etc) Just wait until I know these things - kefinparis might look WAY different!
* Be better at communicating - no more leaving weeks between receiving an email and answering it!
* Take advantage of my new phone plan - more calls to the US!
* Make new friends in Paris
* Write on the blog more frequently!!
* Be more creative in the kitchen cooking-wise

That's quite a lot to think about but I've got a whole year to do it!

Check back for updates!


LA City Girl in NYC said...

I LOVE the pic in this post. Hard to believe I live there. Anyhow, KEF, How was the NY celebration? Miss you!

Julie said...

YAY! So glad you are going to be updating! I can't wait to hear about NY!