Friday, July 04, 2008


My favorite holiday of the year!!!

Last year at this time I was an intern and spent my early morning in the hospital for a heart issue.

This year I'm a real worker at the same company and am spending my day acting like the American that I am, for better or worse. I have struggled since moving here with my identity - I often feel overly critiqued, stared at, different and criticized because of my differences with coworkers, and the French public in general. I often adjust my behavior accordingly. This is not to say that some degree of adjustment is unnecessary (as of course I have to be expecting to adjust slightly), but sometimes I go a bit too far in over-adjusting and changing who I am to please people here.

So today, if only for today, I am taking a break. Not scared to tell my boss that her sexual references and jokes are inappropriate in the workplace and are offensive to me. Not hesitating to wear blue and white. Not ashamed to wear a bracelet with the American flag on it - my standard accessory for Independence Days and national holidays when I was in the States.

Because, at the end of the day, no matter what I do to try to fit in, adapt, or hide it...I am an American. Proud of it. No reason to hide and happy to celebrate the birthday of my country! Now, I just wish I had a great Dodger game, hot dogs, friends and family to celebrate with...


Julie said...

Happy Best Day of the Year to you! Hope your day was great!

LA City Girl in NYC said...

Love this post! Hope your day was awesome!