Thursday, January 25, 2007

I've been inspired...

So, you all are probably shocked- two posts in two days? Is she okay? What's wrong with KEF?

Well, after some great conversation with my most recent visitor Britt last week, I have been inspired to really put in an effort to write more here. Why? Because as my wise friend put it,(she spent a year overseas as well) a blog actually turns into a GREAT diary that I will be able to look back upon in the future. I really got to thinking about how pitifully I have been keeping track of my time here....I mean, who gets to a foreign country the day before her classes start???

I have been running around like a crazy woman since then and am just now finally feeling like I have my "sea legs" and beginning to have a sense of permanency. Also, my new school is a bit on the SLOW side compared to last semester so I am finding myself with more free time (which is SOOO much better than the NO free time I had last semester...believe me!)

So, all that is just to say that you will all hopefully be reading lots more from my end in the near future! It's my New Years Resolution- 25 days late....look at me- I'm turning FRENCH! :)

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