Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Correction" is the same word in French AND English.

Just a little recount of a conversation I had with a colleague recently....

Colleague: "KEF, il y a quelque chose que tu dis assez souvent et tu dois vraiment l'arrêter." (KEF - there's something that you say often that you really need to stop saying)
KEF : (Uh oh....here comes more criticism!) "Oui???"
C: "Tu dis toujours que tu fais des fautes en français mais franchement je n'entends rien du tout comme ça...tu parles français mieux que nous parlons anglais, c'est sûr. Donc, il faut arrêter de t'excuser!! (You are always saying that you make mistakes in French but honestly I don't hear any at all. You speak French better than we speak English, so you need to stop excusing yourself!)

Maybe something IS clicking in my head after all???

I was just so shocked to not be corrected and criticized that he left my head spinning! HOOORAY for little victories....


kylie said...

::shaking finger at you:: YES! and so let that be a lesson to you, young lady!


wheeeee! at least you have proof your brain *IS* working. celebrate these victories!

marisol said...

Yes!!! I love it!

Antipo Déesse said...

Hi KEF! It was lovely to meet you on Saturday. Please email me (antipodeesse at gmail dot com) so I can write to you!


jchevais said...

High Five!

I have found, after being here so long, that if you ever have a comprehension problem with a French person, you should blame your ACCENT!

Then they will compliment you (generally) and will be nicer to you. This is especially true if you say it with a smile over the telephone (the number one enemy for someone learning a language: NO BODY LANGUAGE!)

Marie said...

I stopped by your blog because of the K and K podcast. It was nice too see a guest with a K name!