Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009, already??

I'm not going to's always difficult to leave California but this time was gut-wrenching. Excruciating. I started welling up days before my departure just at the thought of leaving.

Of course I will need to get down to the bottom of all of that but wanted to share some of my "at home" views that make the integration back into Parisian life that much more difficult tonight as I sit in my apartment, the heater not working, shivering and thanking my computer for being warm :)

Over the holidays, I got together with friends for a delicious Italian meal at one of my old favorite "haunts" in the Marina. One of my LA-based friends from PARIS was there too and she and I took the time to make a list of things we love about Paris. Some were little things, some big, some pretty obvious and some really helped though and put things in perspective.** Things are not all bad here, nor do I want to convey that as being the case...sometimes it's just nice to have some reminders of why you like your situation instead of focusing on the negative. That said, a wonderful, prosperous, happy and peaceful New Year to you all out there! Perhaps some inklings of resolutions will be posted up soon!

**Please note the top of the list (if you can make it out...) says K&K!!!!! :) Other items include Macarons, Paris at nighttime, public transportation, etc.


kylie said...

you're one of the good things about paris too! i do wish you would have been able to bring some of the warmer weather back, but i'm so glad you made it back safely - you were missed!

Katia said...

Oh my gosh - I only just saw this... *massive hugs*